Using kinesiology to balance tattoos
Got a tattoo? Your body might be working harder than you think to handle the toxins in the inks. Kaylee found out more when she balanced her own tattoo...
Anxiety on toast
The smallest of things can trigger a wave of anxiety, and this morning Kaylee and her family breakfasted on anxiety on toast! You might relate.
Discover the real you through Kinesiology
One of the powerful tools in a Kinesiologist's tool belt is to tease out the emotions connected with the issue or goal we're working on. And sometimes those emotions can take us by surprise. But they can also change our lives too! Kaylee shares the story of a surprising emotion which, when balanced, helped her feel happy and free.
If you feel like you're going through the motions in life, consider this your invitation to unlock the best version of yourself and step into your most fulfilling and fabulous life. Read on...
5 things that happen in a kinesiology balance
Booked your first kinesiology session but not sure what to expect? This post has all the details so you feel ready to Flourish.
"Don't tell me I'm allergic to my water!?" Kaylee was a self-confessed 'hot mess' when she found kinesiology - but it helped her heal a whole host of skin irritations, food intolerances and gut issues.
Balancing eye makeup and allergies using kinesiology
Who knew there was more to my (Kaylee's) make-up allergy than meets the eye!? Underneath the itchy eyes was a sneaky belief system that was stopping me from feeling beautiful. Maybe you can relate?
Kinesiology can help balance and soothe all kinds of fears and phobias - from flying to food, snakes to spiders, heights, noise, dogs, the dark and everything in between. Learn how one client overcame her fear of flying in just one session and how we can help you overcome yours too!
"That time of the month" doesn't have to be something you dread. Kinesiology can help balance your body and your hormones so that PMS and period pain are a thing of the past.
Kinesiology is a gentle process that can be of great benefit for kids, supporting their health, wellbeing, learning and growth. Learn more about the many ways Kinesiology can help your child.