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Medicinal Mushrooms – Lion’s Mane

Looking for a little support for your mind, brain, focus and cognition? Lion’s Mane might be just what you need. Weaving together the magic of mood regulation, improving memory function, regulating blood sugar and supporting nerve function (not to mention being anti-aging) Kaylee loves Lion’s Mane so much she’s going to try growing her own! Read the post to learn more about this medicinal mushroom and how to include it in your daily routine.

Medicinal Mushrooms – Chaga

Want a healthy, slow release energy alternative to coffee that’s full of antioxidants, supports your heart, balances your blood sugar and lends a helping hand to your immune system? Chaga might be just what you’re looking for – you can even BLEND it with your coffee so you don’t miss out on your morning caffeine hit! Explore the blog post for more information and for Kaylee’s Morning Boost Blend recipe to kick off your day the healthy way.

Medicinal Mushrooms – Reishi

If you’ve got a monkey mind, struggle to fall asleep or can’t remember the last time you woke up feeling rested, you might just need some Reishi magic. Learn more about how Reishi mushrooms can support sleep, peri-menopause symptoms and so much more in this blog post.

Medicinal Mushrooms

You don’t need to take psychedelics to experience the magic of mushrooms. They can support your body, mind and energy in simple, everyday ways. Learn how with this post fresh from the Flourish apothecary.

Good vibes only

Ever wondered what it means to ‘raise your vibration’? And if you’re all over what it means, do you know how to actually DO it? Kaylee shares some magic about energy, frequency and tapping into the good vibes in this blog


The Palmar Reflex

What do poor handwriting, lower back pain and poor posture have in common? No, it’s not the start of a bad joke. It might be a reflex! Learn what to look for, how to test it, and (most importantly) how to balance it.


Change Your Rule Book

What is your inner rule book telling you? And how is it shaping your life? Learn how writing new rules could be the key to changing your (or your child’s) behaviour.

Free form writing - your how to guide

Free Form Writing

Learn how free form writing can help you clear the mental clutter and create calm, peace and self-connection.