You may have seen a documentary called “Superhuman” on Gaia or Netflix lately. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do.

I was fascinated.

In the documentary, children use blindfolds to expand their consciousness and, by practicing the technique over time, they’re able to read and see colours as well as virtually anything else in their environment, without using their eyes at all.

Since connecting with a trainer in Australia, I’ve been practicing this technique in clinic and most of the adults and children I’ve worked with have experienced:

  • More confidence in themselves.
  • A greater trust of their inner self and less need for outside validation of right and wrong.
  • Deeper focus and meditation.

And yes, they can see without using their eyes.

Why would I want to see without using my eyes?

In practice, most people who come to me to work on their learning difficulties aren’t limited by their mental capacity, it’s mostly that their fear of getting it wrong is more powerful than their willingness to give things a try. Their anxiety is convincing them to not trust their gut feeling or intuition and instead they either look for external validation or they feel like giving up is a safer option.

The blindfold is a tool that can help you learn how to connect with your sense of being, your intuition – your consciousness. And, where previously you may have experienced a state of emotions that hinder and belief systems that are concerned with outcomes, this technique can help create and establish a different state of being.

It’s a great tool to help us be more present and focused on the task at hand, trust our true inner voice, and not be so attached to outcomes.

How a client described his son’s session

Tim said:

My son had a session with Geordie because we needed to address his out-of-character, disrespectful behaviour at school. We discovered that his trust in his teachers was being challenged because he wasn’t trusting himself. One session and he was back to his confident, funny self.”

Seeing without eyes

If you’d like to strengthen your consciousness, or if you or your child needs to trust themselves more, then I recommend giving it a go! You can book an appointment with me here.

Geordie xx