Have you heard about a recent documentary called "Superhuman"? It's all about an amazing technique where people learn to see without using their eyes. Learn more about this incredible tool and how it can help you (and your kids) grow your confidence, trust your instincts (and yourself) and enhance focus and meditation.
I recently had the pleasure of having a Holistic Massage treatment with Craig and I thought I’d […]
Ever wondered what it means to 'raise your vibration'? And if you're all over what it means, do you know how to actually DO it? Kaylee shares some magic about energy, frequency and tapping into the good vibes in this blog
What do poor handwriting, lower back pain and poor posture have in common? No, it's not the start of a bad joke. It might be a reflex! Learn what to look for, how to test it, and (most importantly) how to balance it.
Kaylee Geordie and Sarah from Flourish Kinesiology and Energy Healing, Adelaide
How well do you know the team at Flourish Kinesiology? Pour yourself a cuppa and come learn a little more about us.
Ever wondered what the difference is between Kinesiology and Soul Healing? Kaylee shares the answers.
What is your inner rule book telling you? And how is it shaping your life? Learn how writing new rules could be the key to changing your (or your child's) behaviour.
If your child (or an an adult in your life) is a fussy eater, sucks their thumb, experiences speech problems, hormonal imbalances or hypersensitivity around the lips and mouth, kinesiology can help.
Do you, your child or an adult in your life have poor handwriting, hand-eye coordination or balance? Know someone who has 'shiny object syndrome' (aka they're easily distracted) or suffers from chronic neck or shoulder problems? Kinesiology might be just the support you need.
Using kinesiology to balance tattoos
Got a tattoo? Your body might be working harder than you think to handle the toxins in the inks. Kaylee found out more when she balanced her own tattoo...