Changing your inner rule book could be the key to changing your behaviour.

Children and adults who experience behavioural issues often don’t know why they’re behaving the way they are – and this can be upsetting for them and for those who love them. It could very well be that they have lots of built up emotions or negative thought patterns in their subconscious mind which are shaping the way they act and feel.

I like to describe this as our “inner rule book” where, over time, we put rules in place for ourselves on a subconscious level. And these rules can be quite damaging.

For example, a belief of:

  • I am not lovable” could make you push love away or struggle to share love with others.
  • I get it wrong” could make you question everything you do or perhaps not even try because you’ve already decided you’ll get it wrong.
  • People don’t listen to me” could cause attention seeking behaviours or the desire to disconnect from everyone because ‘what’s the point? No one listens to me anyway.’
  • I can’t do it” could make you resist anything in your path or mean you don’t want to take on anyone’s suggestions because you can’t do it anyway.
  • I am not safe” can block you from being calm in almost any situation because, if you don’t feel safe, you’ll be ready to fight or flight your way out of any situation.

Behavioural issues can be a rollercoaster but Kinesiology can identify the rules that you, your child or loved one has put in place. This gives brilliant insight into what’s causing some of these behaviours and when new, positive rules are put in place, the body and mind can become more resistant and resilient.

It’s also worth noting that we often stay inside our comfort zones (even if that old belief or behaviour isn’t quite working for us anymore). New information, new beliefs and change can be challenging on the body. In fact, a lot of us fear change and if that’s been passed on, one way or another, then that’s the first thing we’ll address in Kinesiology, because if on some level we don’t want to change, we’ll do anything we can to stay the same. And if anything’s a constant in this world – it’s change!

If you’d like to explore your inner rule book and create new rules that help you flourish, book an appointment. We’d love to support you.

Kaylee x