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Meet Kaylee

Kaylee specialises in treating adults and children with anxiety.

Other areas that are of particular interest for Kaylee are allergies, intollerances and other auto-immune dissorders.

Kaylee is passionate about helping kids with anxiety.
As a parent herself of two, she understands that parenting a child with anxiety can take the fun out of parenting. Really. And parenting a child with anxiety can tip us over the edge into our own experiences of anxiety…

…and she knows this because she has been there…
Because she has experienced first hand how effective and gentle Kinesiology treatment is for children and adults she wants to ensure that all parents and children have access to this amazing treatment.


Meet Geordie

Geordie specialises in working with kids and adults experiencing anxiety, social and communication issues and learning difficulties.

Geordie also has a particular interest in holistic health and spiritual wellbeing.


Meet Vicki

Vicki specializes in helping adults and children identify and overcome their limiting beliefs, which are often part of the root cause to physiological and emotional issues.

She has particular interest in fascia and cellular memory release which liberates the body of any emotional trauma or imbalances.