The Flourish Team

We’re a team of healers that are incredibly passionate about you living your absolute best life

When you book in with a Flourish healer, you are choosing to take a huge step towards realising the person you most want to be, free of conditioning and control.


Soul Healer

Alana brings a compassionate and optimistic approach to collective healing for the whole family.

Alana works with individuals and families to create change. Finding contentment in your beautiful family and providing the foundation within yourselves to base these changes in. 

Every family has their own unique dynamics and needs, and Alana facilitates the family healing that we need to create strong bonds and a supportive tribe.


Soul Healer

A true heart healer, Belle intuitively weaves multiple energy healing frequencies and modalities to help you release what no longer serves your highest good, so you can experience the joy, peace, and happiness you deserve.

If you’re feeling lost, disconnected, or struggling with overwhelm, negative self-talk, people-pleasing, and neglecting your own needs or boundaries, you’ve found yourself here for a reason.


Soul Healer

Carlee creates a safe and nurturing healing space to welcome all parts of you; exactly as you are, to allow you to become WHO YOU TRULY ARE. 

With a deep understanding of the mind, body and soul connection, Carlee guides you to release stored traumas, reframe limiting belief systems, and shift self-imposed boundaries and outdated conditionings to empower you to move freely forward. 


Kinesiologist, Kids Kinesiologist
Soul Healer

Geordie specialises in working with children and adults experiencing anxiety, social & behavioural issues, communication issues and learning difficulties.

Having a natural aptitude for working with children, ranging from children struggling with verbal communication, learning difficulties, behavioural challenges and changing limiting belief systems that put the fun back into life!

Geordie also has a particular interest in holistic health and spiritual wellbeing and works with many clients to assist them in achieving spiritual growth.


Kinesiologist, Neuro-Body Work
Soul Healer

Craig is a dedicated practitioner who believes that pain doesn’t need to be an active part of your life.

Craig blends energy healing with more traditional massage techniques to guide you through the many layers of healing to reduce pain – both physical and emotional.

Craig’s personal style of holistic healing is a must for anyone who enjoys energy healing and also wishes to resolve physical discomfort.


Soul Healer

Kaylee is a Soul Healer.

As a Soul Healer, Kaylee will guide you through the many layers of healing we need to get us on our path. That burning desire to be doing something…something important…but you just can’t find the way.

Kaylee can help you discover yourself, along with your Souls Path.