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Good vibes only

Ever wondered what it means to ‘raise your vibration’? And if you’re all over what it means, do you know how to actually DO it? Kaylee shares some magic about energy, frequency and tapping into the good vibes in this blog

Kaylee Geordie and Sarah from Flourish Kinesiology and Energy Healing, Adelaide

Meet the team

How well do you know the team at Flourish Kinesiology? Pour yourself a cuppa and come learn a little more about us.


Change Your Rule Book

What is your inner rule book telling you? And how is it shaping your life? Learn how writing new rules could be the key to changing your (or your child’s) behaviour.

Using kinesiology to balance tattoos

Balancing tattoos

Got a tattoo? Your body might be working harder than you think to handle the toxins in the inks. Kaylee found out more when she balanced her own tattoo…

Anxiety on toast

Anxiety on Toast

The smallest of things can trigger a wave of anxiety, and this morning Kaylee and her family breakfasted on anxiety on toast! You might relate.

Discover the real you through Kinesiology

It’s easy to discover the REAL you

One of the powerful tools in a Kinesiologist’s tool belt is to tease out the emotions connected with the issue or goal we’re working on. And sometimes those emotions can take us by surprise. But they can also change our lives too! Kaylee shares the story of a surprising emotion which, when balanced, helped her feel happy and free.


Remove the blocks to a life of happiness

If you feel like you’re going through the motions in life, consider this your invitation to unlock the best version of yourself and step into your most fulfilling and fabulous life. Read on…