Have you heard about a recent documentary called "Superhuman"? It's all about an amazing technique where people learn to see without using their eyes. Learn more about this incredible tool and how it can help you (and your kids) grow your confidence, trust your instincts (and yourself) and enhance focus and meditation.
Emotional Stress Release Technique for anxiety
Learn how to use Emotional Stress Release (ESR) technique to soothe anxiety so you can feel calm and relaxed. It's great for adults and kids alike!
If your child (or an an adult in your life) is a fussy eater, sucks their thumb, experiences speech problems, hormonal imbalances or hypersensitivity around the lips and mouth, kinesiology can help.
Does your child experience anxiety, mood swings, hyperactivity or motion sickness? Are they easily distracted, always on edge or struggle with coordination? It might be a reflex. Learn more about what to look for and how Kinesiology can help your child thrive.
Anxiety on toast
The smallest of things can trigger a wave of anxiety, and this morning Kaylee and her family breakfasted on anxiety on toast! You might relate.
Kinesiology is a gentle process that can be of great benefit for kids, supporting their health, wellbeing, learning and growth. Learn more about the many ways Kinesiology can help your child.