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Meet the Flourish Kinesiology team

Meet the team

How well do you know the team at Flourish Kinesiology? Pour yourself a cuppa and come learn a little more about us.

Change your Rule Book

What is your inner rule book telling you? And how is it shaping your life? Learn how writing new rules could be the key to changing your (or your child’s) behaviour.

Free Form Writing

Free form writing gives you the time for your mind to download stresses and worries.   I experience great insight into any issues through free form writing. I am able …

The Rooting Reflex

When babies are born, they are born with a primitive reflex called the Rooting Reflex. It’s in place to ensure that they survive by being able to find food. A …

The Flight Fight Primitive Reflex

The first in a series about the Primitive and Postural Reflex’s The Moro Reflex The Moro Reflex begins to function 9-12 weeks after conception and is normally fully developed at …

Why your child wets the bed

Bed wetting can be an embarrassing time for many kids, especially as they head into ‘sleep over’ age with their friends and family. If you have tried the whole “No …

Balancing tattoos

So, not everyone knows this about my bum… …but it has a tattoo. I got it when I was 21 – between a Chemistry and Biology lecture at Uni. I …