We talk about energy in so many ways, however a consistent theme I notice amongst people is being able to sense or feel the energy of a person, object or place.

In fact, I have a hunch that at some stage in your life you’ve been drawn to a person or place because of how they (or it) made you feel. In just the same way, there are people and places that have what you could call a repelling factor about them.

So how do you make sense of energy, what you feel, and how you feel about it?

Making friends with energy

I used to be very scared of the energy I could feel. As a kid, I was terrified of what I could sense and see – people standing around my bed, knowing what people were thinking because I could literally see what they were thinking like it was a movie in my mind (and then being told to calm my ‘imagination’ because of course people weren’t thinking that – “Don’t be so silly!”).

It’s taken me a lifetime to accept my ability to sense and see ‘energy’.

Energy as frequency

How I’ve come to view energy is as frequency.

We know that particular frequencies can be shown to make different shapes or mandala type diagrams with Cymatics.

Cymatics is where a frequency is transferred to a metal plate with a sprinkling of sand on it. The frequency then moves the sand to create a pattern. The pictures below are cymatic images of music notes.

Cymatic representation of music notes https://www.mushroom-magazine.com/cymatics-invisible-dance-frequency/

You might also be familiar with experiments conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, where he recorded how water molecules changed with the differing frequencies of words.

It goes to show that our words and thoughts are powerful tools of change.

So I guess what I’m getting at here is that EVERYTHING is ENERGY. Not only the vibe of what you’re picking up, but also sounds, thoughts, beliefs, words, actions and pictures.

If this is energy – then energy is frequency, and frequency is everywhere. You’d have to be in a vacuum to not experience frequency.

What about my frequency?

Good question – what about your frequency.

What are you vibing at?

If you’re feeling a little low frequency (flat, depressed, angry, self-righteous, powerless) – go hang out with high frequency people (these are people who express themselves as happy, content, fulfilled, powerful and playful). Their frequency will resonate with you and bring you up to theirs (if you’re willing to it that happen that is!).

An energy experiment

Check this experiment out – it takes a few minutes, so give it a chance. It’s called sympathetic resonance – i.e. when more than one item falls into the same resonance or frequency with each other. This video shows what it’s like when you’re out of frequency with the world and you want to be in frequency with it.

So what next?

Do you want to change your frequency? Well then, that’s just great! You can choose to do that RIGHT NOW.

Yes, it’s completely true.

Try smiling – this is the first step to raising your frequency. Then tell someone you love them. Then tell yourself you love you. Then think of the most beautiful place you’ve ever been in your lifetime. And then keep going.

If this is too hard, or you don’t want to do it alone, come and see one of us at Flourish. We resonate at a pretty high frequency and we’ve been waiting for you to come and vibe with us.

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