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If you’re feeling lost, disconnected, or struggling with overwhelm, negative self-talk, people-pleasing, and neglecting your own needs or boundaries, you’ve found yourself here for a reason…make a booking with Belle


Carlee guides you to release stored traumas, reframe limiting belief systems, and shift self-imposed boundaries and outdated conditionings to empower you to move freely forward…make a booking with Carlee


Every family has their own unique dynamics and needs, and Alana facilitates the family healing that’s need to create strong bonds and a supportive tribe...make a booking with Alana


Identifying and healing trapped emotions and belief systems in the body through hands on massage techniques, leaves you feeling freer, lighter and energised…

make a booking with Craig


Geordie specialises in working with children and adults experiencing anxiety, social & behavioural issues, communication issues and learning difficulties.

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As a Soul Healer, Kaylee will guide you through the many layers of healing we need to get us on our path. That burning desire to be doing something…something important…but you just can’t find the way….make a booking with Kaylee

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