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Meet Kaylee

As a Kinesiologist, Kaylee specialises in treating adults and children with anxiety.

As a Soul Awaking Healer, Kaylee releases trauma and belief systems spanning your lifetimes that are holding you back from realising your greatest potential in this lifetime.

Kaylee is only accepting new Soul Awaking clients at this time.


  • Touch for Health
  • Neuro-linguistic Kinesiology
  • Creator and practitioner of the IICT certified Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing training course

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Meet Geordie

Geordie spent his earlier years working with children with disabilities. This work helped him discover a passion for helping kids understand how their brain is functioning.

Geordie has a natural aptitude for connecting with kids and helping them unlock their potential, so they have the confidence to be themselves.

Geordie enjoys brain integration exercises and uses a range of sound therapy tools including wind chimes, tuning forks and singing bowls. Geordie works face to face in clinic as well as remotely. If you’re looking to support your child in their development, or if they’re experiencing behavioural issues, ADHD/ASD or learning difficulties, make an appointment with Geordie.


  • Touch for Health
  • Neuro-linguistic Kinesiology

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Meet Sarah

As a Kinesiologist and energy healer, Sarah helps you heal your hurts, and your heart, and move through anxiety, fear and self-doubt so you can reignite your spark and joy for life. 

Sarah is a Soul Healer and Heart Healer with a background in life coaching and she works to help your human and your soul to thrive.

She sees clients in clinic as well as offering distance sessions (both live on Zoom and totally remotely).


  • Touch for Health
  • Neuro-linguistic Kinesiology
  • Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing
  • Internationally certified life coach

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