What IS going on? Our Earth has most definitely moved into 5D, but it has also been supporting us into 7D and for some, 9D.

5D was a pretty huge shift, creating a fair amount of discomfort and distress for our poor little 3D humans, and 7D hasn’t been easy either. 5D really started coming through in early 2022 and 7D powered in with a bang on the 22nd of May 2022.

The shift into 7D is a very masculine energy. It’s encouraging but forceful – ready to get the best from all of us – sort of like a very determined footy coach! 🙂 And it comes with a rush of unconditional love (masculine energy springs from unconditional love).

Yet this unconditional love has been triggering our 2D Pain Body (otherwise known as our ego) and creating the opposite of love – which is hate. This has been quite tricky for some of us to navigate because we’ve been ‘conditioned’ with the belief that we’re not allowed to hate, that hate is not OK, and that you have to deny this emotion at all costs otherwise you’re not a good person.

But my Mum told me not to hate

I’m here to tell you that hate is an emotion that’s just as justified as any other, and all the while you’ve been expressing hate, you’ve been fooled into thinking it’s something else. This is important to understand, because if you can’t identify hate, how on earth are you going to move through it and heal?

As we’ve been receiving this intense flow of unconditional love from the universe, we’ve been triggered into hate. Hateful thoughts about ourselves and others, hateful actions, self righteousness, anger, bitterness and jealousy – all made possible by our triggered 2D Pain Body – and we’ve been feeling very righteous to be in these emotions indeed.

Anger on the roads, anger at home, sickness and general poor health has been result. It’s all a bit of a hot mess, really.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – lets’ face it, unconditional love is FUCKING AWESOME.

So how do I navigate the 7D upgrade?

I’m so glad you asked.

We’re being given the opportunity to really take stock of the ‘conditions’ we’ve placed around LOVE.

Who can we love? How can we love? Who do we let love us? How do we receive love? How lovable do we believe we are?

And what other conditions do we have around love?

What if instead we believed that:

  • I am loved by the universe.
  • I am love.
  • I am co-creating miracles in the world every day.
  • I am peace.
  • I am accepting that I am the universe and the universe is me.

Conditions and conditioning

This 7D upgrade is all about identifying the ‘conditions’ around how we see ourselves in the world versus how we really are in the world. This is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had. It has made me realise just how conditioned I’ve been by society, my parents, grandparents, friends, partners, past lives… The list goes on.

So if I’m now choosing to unravel the conditions that I’ve held my values to, I now get to truly be in the space of ME and what I hold sacred. I can choose that I am sacred while knowing that every other soul on this planet is sacred too, and I can allow myself to move into 7D smoothly and beautifully, accepting unconditional love.

How do I know I’m upgrading into 7D?

It’s pretty easy to identify. You might notice:

  • Sore neck and head for extended amounts of time (you’ll be forgiven if you think you have a brain tumour!).
  • Aching shoulders and upper back.
  • Feelings of rage and anger that take you by surprise.
  • Expressions of rage and anger from others that take you by surprise.
  • Intense feelings about your own beliefs and values and seeking ways to help change.
  • Fleeting feelings or sense of absolute love and compassion.

What do I do about it?

You can use the positive affirmations above to meditate on or repeat daily with the intent of accepting the 7th Dimensional upgrade.

Be aware of this vast shift between unconditional love (7D) and hate (2D) and support yourself lovingly as you navigate through it.

Feel free to apologise to others if your behaviour has taken you by surprise – in fact I recommend seeking forgiveness from yourself and others. This is an important part of the ‘unravelling’ of the conditions.

Make a booking with the crew at Flourish. We’re all navigating this upgrade too, but we started a little while ago, plus we’re in it every day so we can really help you navigate and heal.