I recently had the pleasure of having a Holistic Massage treatment with Craig and I thought I’d share my experience – because it is such a totally different experience to a regular massage.

Craig is trained in Kinesiology and Remedial Massage – plus many other neuro/body modalities – so I kind of thought I knew what to expect. I’ve known Craig for a few years now, and had the pleasure of teaching him Kinesiology, so I thought I would at least have a pretty good idea of what was going to happen…

Don’t ‘assume anything’ they say…LOL

Craig had me undress and lay down on my front – which was pretty typical way to start a massage, however Craig then asked me to say out loud certain belief systems – that he had determined through pendulum testing – were important to shift what ever it was I was holding in my body and presenting as discomfort or pain.

This was a REALLY different experience for me. Somehow, by saying these belief systems while laying on my front made me more vulnerable – which seemed to make the shift that much more different and quick. As if my inner child was saying them, not me…

Craig worked predominantly on my upper back, working emotions out of my Bladder Meridian. He worked very deeply, because as he told me, the emotions I was holding in my Bladder Meridian were from when I was 15 years old. I’m now 49.

So what happened? After the treatment, I felt as if I was empty of certain emotions. I was free of feeling scared, even though I wasn’t even aware of feeling scared in my day to day life. Releasing them from my Bladder Meridian, which had been causing me a lot of pain over the last few months, released the sharp pain I had been feeling randomly in the side of my skull. My upper back felt relaxed and comfortable. (Previous remedial massage – 3 x 1.5 hour massages – that I had over the last couple of months hadn’t made any difference to this area of my body). Over the next few days I noticed a shift in my muscles in my lower back and legs – I realised I had been holding them in particular ways to avoid pain. They could now relax and there wasn’t any pain.

I really enjoyed it.

So much, that I am making it a regular part of my own healing.

I highly recommend having a session with Craig. It’s irrelevant if you have pain or not, because it works on shifting trapped emotions in your body that over time lead to pain and disease. However, if you do have pain, it will give you a wonderful insight as so where it is from and how to shift it out of your body.

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