The 9th Dimensional upgrade has been awesome. Yes, it’s had its ups and downs – and given that it has occurred through a Mercury retrograde (and maybe because of it) there have been periods of feeling a little cray-cray.

However, the very essence of 9D is so awesome that it shines brighter than any of the trying times.

The 9th Dimension brings in the balanced feminine which, in essence, is FORGIVENESS. Unconditional forgiveness.

So, what does unconditional forgiveness mean?

This is where it becomes wonderful.

Think about the new balanced feminine at one end of a spectrum and the old, imbalanced feminine paradigm at the other end. What we’re being shown about the new feminine is that forgiveness needn’t be conditional. That we don’t need to understand the narrative or the ‘story’ around the wound that we’ve perceived or allowed to have transgressed against us. That we don’t need to ‘take the high road’ or ‘be the bigger person’. These approaches suggest that we need to make a judgement about ourselves and/or the person or situation we’re forgiving. But, if we allow ourselves to remove the narrative, remove the judgement and remove the wound, then all we have left is the opportunity to be in the light (or the essence, if you will) of forgiveness.

New paradigm forgiveness

I’ve been shown this in the form of a spectrum where forgiveness in the form of judgement sits at the dense, old paradigm end, and forgiveness in the new paradigm sits at the opposite.

A saying I’ve heard in the past is, ‘forgive but don’t forget’. I’d suggest this sits at the dense end of the spectrum. Whereas forgiving unconditionally sits at the opposite end.

I’ll always remember walking behind someone, and they had ‘forgive but don’t forget’ tattooed on the back of their legs. I thought this was an interesting statement to permanently ink on themselves, creating a permanent state of being in judgement and unworthiness. Essentially like they were telling themselves ‘I am unworthy enough to forgive this act, and I will also hold the judgement of the act in my memory so that it continues to wound me’.

If forgiveness is about healing your own wounds, or even forgiving yourself for allowing yourself to be wounded in the first place, then we’re now being asked to step into the light of forgiveness and allow this light to cleanse and stitch back together the wounds we’ve received from this lifetime and many other lifetimes here on Earth (as well as our Soul lifetimes).

Balancing the Soul through the constellations

Another interesting aspect of the 9D upgrade is the need to balance our Soul and all of our dimensions to the 12 constellations. Our Soul can only be mended, or made whole, by ensuring that we have incarnated through all 12 of the constellations and that we’ve learnt all of our Soul Lessons – otherwise known as karma – through these lifetimes. Sometimes we need to go back into these representations of the constellations and heal what’s been missed before we can truly accept the new forgiveness paradigm.

Raising our awareness and ascension through the dimensions brings us to our true state of being of unconditional love (7D) and forgiveness (9D).

What this also does is bring us into the realisation that we’re part of something bigger than ourselves and that when we truly accept and trust this to be the case we experience the delight of universal flow. Things happen when they’re meant to happen, and the difference becomes that we begin to simply allow them to happen. We don’t need to push or make anything a great effort – it flows as it needs to and we accept this.

By accepting our ascension through the dimensions, we’re also accepting our inner Soul’s Temple to be built within us, creating the framework and foundation for our further ascension.

So, how do you know if you’re receiving the 9D upgrade?

As often is the case, our human may experience side effects from our dimensional upgrades. 9D upgrades have been having the following effect on us:

  • Exacerbation of characteristics that we don’t necessarily like about ourselves (our ‘shadow side’)
  • Self-doubt
  • Exhaustion
  • Paranoia
  • Frustration and anger

And let’s not forget the wonderful aspects, which include:

  • Increased psychic or intuitive perception
  • Acceptance of joy
  • Feeling more connected to Source/Universal energy
  • Allowing yourself to be in the flow of life
  • Accepting ease in all areas of your life
  • Accepting the light of forgiveness.

If you’ve been feeling the effects of the 9D ascension, or you’d like to discover more about yourself and your soul ascension, book in with one of our amazing practitioners at Flourish.

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