I’ve started this “mushroom library” with Reishi as it’s the oldest mushroom to be recorded for its medicinal benefits and has had a long and relished history in ancient China as the ‘immortal mushroom’.

I’m quite the hopeless romantic when it comes to herbs and mushrooms, the lyrical and romantic way our ancestors have referred to plants and mushrooms, and the magical way they work with our bodies to create wellness.

Reishi is the most commonly used medicinal mushroom in the world – and for very good reason.

Benefits of Reishi

Every-day benefits of taking Reishi:

  • Relieves symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and depression.
  • Improves energy.
  • Improves cognitive function.
  • Protects the liver from chemicals.
  • Activates the immune system and provides overall immune support.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Helps regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

And even more amazing benefits:

  • Retards viral growth.
  • Inhibits tumour growth.
  • Provides support for the kidneys.

How do you take Reishi?

Reishi is really easy to add into your lifestyle.

Half a teaspoon a day is generally all most people need to provide immune and adrenal support, and give you a really good night’s sleep.

Add it to your daily cup of coffee or tea, or just blend half a teaspoon of Reishi powder with hot water for a mild and lovely tasting hot drink.

I like to have it in a Hot Chocolate or Red Tea (Rooibos) at night with oat milk. It’s a lovely tasty combination. 🙂

My observations and experience

I tend to be a little dismissive about the written benefits of herbal remedies and prefer to experiment on myself. As a consequence, Reishi and I have spent a little time getting to know one another more intimately.

So what can I tell you about Reshi? I friggin’ love this stuff.

I’ve just turned 49 and (TMI warning) I’ve been experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms for a few years now. These include a variety of symptoms, however the one that’s been most frustrating has been the very light sleep. Literally, a bug farting will wake me up.

Enter Reishi.

After the first cup of Reishi added to hot chocolate before going to bed, I had the deepest and best sleep I’d had in ages. It felt like magic. I now have it every night in either a hot chocolate or Rooibos tea and have consistently enjoyed a really good night’s sleep. If I miss it (which I’ve only done once in the name of experimentation) I wake up all through the night (because of all those darn bugs farting).

My daughter also takes Reishi because she has a bit of a monkey brain when she goes to bed – often laying there unable to sleep, thinking and worrying about everything and anything. Reishi has really changed her ability to fall asleep quickly. She even looks more rested and engaged when she gets up in the mornings.

Try Reishi for yourself

Curious to try some mushroom magic yourself? Check out the range next time you’re at Flourish or contact us to place an order.

And, if you’d like to learn more about medicinal mushrooms, check out this blog post for more information.

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