We’re pretty hard core Kinesiologists at Flourish.

We truly believe that the body knows what it needs to heal – it just needs a reminder and support to get it back into the flow of being able to heal itself.

And we live and breathe this belief.

Kinesiology works on our human body – our 3rd dimension, if you will – and its energy systems. But what about our other dimensions? You may have heard of a new age concept of us moving into our 5th dimension – or even our 7th. If this is true, one could presume that we exist in multiple dimensions – or at least more than our 3rd dimension.

Over time, it’s become apparent to me that Kinesiology works in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions of our beings. Very rarely does it push the barriers into the 5th dimension – and to work in our 5th dimension, this is where we start straddling the bridge between the techniques of Kinesiology and Soul Healing.

So why would you want to work with your multiple dimensions?

My opinion is why wouldn’t you? However, if you have an interest in thinking beyond your human desires and beliefs. If you think you’re greater than what your human suggests you are. If you believe there’s something bigger than you, that you want to be part of, then I’d suggest that this is your Soul waking, and asking you to step into the bigger picture that is your Soul’s Path.

If you’re on your Soul’s path, then by default you’re on a journey of ascension, and to ascend, you must heal and weave your dimensional beings in a way that supports you on that journey.

Our Soul is millions of years old – from a human time perspective – and it’s had many experiences which have influenced the wellbeing of our dimensions. For example, it’s not uncommon to work with an 8th dimension that has been literally blown apart and exists as particles of light suspended in the containment of what would normally support the 8th dimensional being. An extremely traumatic experience occurred some time in our past that annihilated the 8th dimension in many of us – but it’s recoverable.

What are our dimensions?

I wonder if you can imagine that the human body has a flow of energy along numerous energy centres (often referred to as chakras). Energy flows from the centre of our Earth up to, and through, our Earth Star chakra – which is located anywhere from a foot to a metre below our feet. It travels up through our being via a series of chakras, forming a specific path of energy that activates those chakras to create a specific alignment for our being. Our 3rd dimensional being has a particular path of energy through specific chakras, and when this path is aligned we’re balance and well. We feel pretty great.

When we align to a higher dimension, we begin to operate from a higher frequency. A brighter light, if you will.

Each dimension has its own path of energy and some dimensions even have additional chakras and energy centres to align. We truly are a complex, multi-dimensional beings having an extraordinary 3rd dimensional experience here on Earth; and and for us to truly ascend, all our dimensions must be healed and aligned to our 3rd dimensional being.

So what’s the difference again?

When you have a Soul Healing, you’re healing and aligning your multiple dimensions. Healing the pathways of energy and aligning them to the dimensions, and ultimately to your 3rd dimension. What this does is create opportunities to discover new aspects of yourself, as well as skills, which are often your psychic abilities, healing abilities and connections with spirit guides and ascended masters.

One of the greatest skills I’ve developed through this alignment thus far is my ability to see through the illusion that we’ve created in our world. To see through the fear that’s been created – mostly from our 2nd dimension (also known as our pain body) – and perpetuated through our society. To see through the belief systems we, as a society, have in place that keep us small, stuck in our 2nd dimension and stuck in fear.

By raising my frequency – in other words, operating from a brighter light – it’s also opened my abilities to access spirit guides and higher wisdom. What once took me a huge effort and constant work, now comes easily and effortlessly AND with even faster and greater outcomes. My greatest teachers are my guides.

So what now?

Now you know the difference between a Kinesiology balance and a Soul Healing session, you can decide what you want to do about it. 🙂

Kaylee xx