Kaylee Geordie and Sarah from Flourish Kinesiology and Energy Healing, Adelaide

How well do you know the Flourish team? Five curious questions. Three lovely humans. Pour yourself a cuppa and come hang with us!

The way I describe Kinesiology to people is…

Kaylee: It’s like having hypnotherapy while you’re consciously awake.

Geordie: It’s energy healing and uses muscle testing to find the underlying issues to your problems.

Sarah: We use muscle testing to give your body a voice so it can tell us what it needs us to know, and what it needs us to do, to create balance, healing and harmony for your highest good. It’s like going on a treasure hunt where your body is both the map and the compass.

Craig: We use muscle testing to gather information from the nervous system and subconscious and then use it to find out what we need to do to achieve certain results and outcomes.

I got into Kinesiology because…

Kaylee: In my mid 30’s, my lifestyle caught up with me – along with my super human ability to sweep my emotional needs under the rug. I became intolerant to many foods and struggled with eczema on most of my body. I was a hot mess. One day my chiro (who was also a Kinesiologist) muscle tested me to see what I was allergic to. HE MUSCLE TESTED ME!!!  What was this muscle test?  It blew my mind. We worked out that I was allergic to my home’s rain water because of the tannins from the eucalyptus leaves – which blew my mind all over again. I HAD to learn this thing called muscle testing. 6 months later I had enrolled in a Kinesiology course and I’ve been working as a Kinesiologist ever since.

Geordie: My Mum took me to a Kinesiologist when I was in high school because my knee was full of fluid. It was so bad I couldn’t walk. After speaking to different specialist, the best solution they could offer was to drain the fluid from my knee – and they said it would probably come back. Instead, we found a Kinesiologist who solved the issue (which was emotional, of course) in just one session. From that moment I was in awe of Kinesiology and after my first session with Kaylee, I got off the table and said, “I have to learn this.” Of course, she was running her training the very next day and now I’m here!

Sarah: I’d experienced the magic of kinesiology first-hand and it’s helped me create huge shifts in my life, heart and mind in so many ways. I wanted to share that magic with others. (The loving nudges from Kaylee didn’t hurt either!). ?

Craig: It was like the missing link of the puzzle for me, helping me move better, think better, speak better, get to know myself better and, more importantly, feel better. Ever since coming across it, life became less of a struggle and more of a flow

One of the things I love most about being a Kinesiologist is…

Kaylee: Helping my clients achieve their goals and make amazing changes in their lives – every day.

Geordie: That I can never assume what the body needs, and I’m always delighted by the unique information that comes through. This is what I love about Kinesiology and what I find most challenging – because it requires so much trust.

Sarah: Oh my goodness, where do I even start? The look of calm and peace on people’s faces as they leave their appointment. The fact that lovely souls feel comfortable sharing things with me that they’ve never shared with anyone AND that we get to work on healing those things. The change that kinesiology can create for people… I could write for days about all the things I love about it!

Craig: Helping create substantial (and sometimes instant) change in people’s lives for an array of different issues. Our bodies respond so well when given the right input, and kinesiology helps pinpoint the right input.

Kinesiology has helped me…

Kaylee: Heal. In so many ways I’ve found myself – firstly studying and healing through my studies, and then as a practitioner. Every day I continue to heal and it’s been the most extraordinary experience.

Geordie: Overcome so many issues – hay fever, overeating, physical pain, sickness, relationship problems and more. I can rely on Kinesiology to support me with anything. I’m grateful I now have a team of great Kinesiologists at my fingertips!

Sarah: I think one of the biggest gifts kinesiology has given me is helping me heal my heart – all of those old wobbles, wounds, and self-worth issues. (That’s not to say I don’t still wobble – I’m human after all!). But it’s helped me safely and gently explore, navigate and soothe so many old hurts so I can open my heart to love. It’s pretty special.

Craig: In just about every way!! It’s helped me sleep better, overcome chronic and acute pain, with digestion issues, relationship issues, it’s helped with my psoriasis and it’s helped me grow in life; in my relationship with the world but most importantly, myself. There’s not much it can’t help with!

Something you might not know about me is…

Kaylee: I LOVE to roller skate and it’s my goal to become proficient at ramp skating in a skate park. I’ve been skating for years on flat ground – but now it’s time to go vertical!

Geordie: When I was born, it took a while for Mum to give me a name and at first it was spelled ‘Jordy’ then she changed it to ‘Jordie’. After I finally nailed the spelling in kindergarten, Mum changed it to ‘Geordie’. I still remember being the only kid in class with a completely new name to learn. So, if I forget your name, it’s probably the 4-year-old in me who’s still confused. I think I need a balance for that!

Sarah: When I was little, I couldn’t say my “S’s” which meant my Uncle Steve became Uncle Teeve. My gorgeous mum was already well aware of my ‘smarty pants’ status in the family, so she started saying Teeve too – and I started correcting her. Apparently I’d say to her, in my very best, very grown up ‘smarty pants’ voice, “It’s not Teeve, it’s Steve!” Well played mum, well played.

Craig: I was 127kg by the age of 13 and had broken 14 bones by the time I was 21, including a femur when I was 7. I struggled with anxiety and depression from my teens through to my early 20’s and yep you’d better believe kinesiology helped turn all that around!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about us. If you’d like to come hang with us in real time, book an appointment for a Kinesiology or Healing session. We offer both in person and remote sessions and we’d love to meet you. 🙂

Kaylee, Geordie, Sarah & Craig xx