Free form writing - your how to guide

Why It’s Great

Free form writing is a great way to give your mind time to download (and reduce) stresses and worries.  

I experience great insight into any issues I’m experiencing when I free form write. It helps me unload any ‘mind noise’ or negative thoughts and then dispose of all the evidence. It can be really satisfying.  

How to Free Form Write

I’ll either set a timer – usually for about 15 minutes – or I’ll set myself a certain number of pages to write. It’s a bit of a personal challenge to see just how much crap I can unload onto the pages. I get a new PB every time!

Then I start writing.

Where to Start

You can start anywhere, but if you’re struggling to find a place to start, you can set an intention or a focus. It could be:

  • “I want more clarity about what choices I need to make”; or
  • “Dear Mum, I love you and I need to tell you this is how I feel when you…”; or
  • “Dear {insert your name here}; or
  • “I feel…”

Whatever feels right for you.

Don’t be shy to write how you really feel – no one will read what you’ve written and it’s perfectly normal to have judgements towards yourself or the people you love.

Then just keep writing. Don’t look back at what you have written, just write until your timer is finished or you’ve reached the end of your last page.

And here’s an important note about free form writing: Once it’s on paper, don’t read it back. This process is all about clearing and you don’t want to put any of this stuff back into your consciousness.

The final step is to get rid of it. Destroy it. Burn it. Get rid of that sucker. This is the best part! Just rip it up or burn it (safely) so you release all the energy that you just dumped. Let the universe take care of the rest.  

This technique will help to release anxiety, deepen your understanding of yourself and clear your mind. It’s also super easy – so get writing and start dumping!

Geordie x

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