Discover the real you through Kinesiology

When you have a Kinesiology balance, one of the very powerful elements in my tool belt is to pull out the emotions connected with the goal we’re working on together.

And sometimes the emotions lurking just behind the curtain can take us by surprise.

One of the hugest turning points for me early in my Kinesiology studies, was having a balance and ‘loneliness’ coming up as a priority in the balance.

I remember furrowing my brow and questioning… Loneliness….? Really? Me..?

But I’m the busy, friendly girl with loads of friends, and a loving husband, and two awesome kids, and a big noisy and annoying family…

Then I really stopped to think about what being lonely meant to me.

And realised that I WAS lonely.

REALLY lonely.

After shifting the pervasive feeling of loneliness, I popped out the other side feeling like a new person!

I turned into a version of myself I knew I could be, but could never seem to become. A happier, kinder and more mindful and content version of myself. And, because I didn’t feel isolated or lonely anymore, I could really see the love and friendship in my life.

A lovely client recently told me that a Kinesiology balance was like having ‘all these issues and emotions pulled out of your head’ so you can take a good look at them.

I loved this description of how a balance works because it is so true.

Loneliness might not be your barrier, it could be any number of emotions or things that are holding you back. But once you know what they are, it’s much easier to get beyond them, and find the real you.

Kaylee x

P.S. want to pull some of those pesky emotions out of your head and become the best version of you? Book an appointment. We’d love to support you.

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