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Over the last 8 or so years I was steadily becoming intolerant of many foods including sugar, wheat, fruit, tea, nuts, milk and most fruit. I was getting weeping eczema, rashes, generally red skin, rosacea on my face, itching eyes, throat and skin, irritability (moods) and a fun mix of diarrhea and constipation from foods that until now, had never bothered me.

I was also experiencing tiredness and a sense of wanting to just give up as I wasn’t getting any relief from my symptoms.

The eczema on my hands was so bad I couldn’t type on my laptop without my knuckles cracking and bleeding.

All in all I was a real hot mess.

Nothing really seemed to be getting on top of the root cause of this weird response my body was having to what should have been mostly healthy foods.

After my annual 2 week trip to Queensland, where many of my allergic responses just seemed to disappear (I would go on this annual trip to QLD to detox from what I thought was causing the problem — my 2 dogs). Upon returning home, I decided on this occasion to have a shower before going to bed, where upon getting wet, my entire body started itching and burning. I hadn’t even started using soap or shampoo at this stage.

Don’t tell me I’m allergic to my water now?????!!!!!!!

We lived in a pristine, beautiful part of the Adelaide Hills and collected our own water supply that wasn’t anywhere near agricultural sprays. What on earth could I be allergic to in the water?



The first solution

So by now I can imagine you can feel my frustration and pain.

I had been discussing my kids intolerance of milk with my lovely Chiro and having her muscle test them for it, so I thought, what the hell, lets get the water tested on me. I took a sample of the rainwater from my shower and a sample from the filter we had on the kitchen sink.

The muscle test indicted that my body was completely under stress with the unfiltered water. BUT OK with the filtered water. I was certain that our filter didn’t take out chemicals, at least as far as I knew. But it did filter out organic material (which was the reason we had it installed). Through a little more discussion and analysing, I asked to be tested for eucalyptus leaves as I knew we had a lot of these in our tank.

Found it! That was the culprit. Gum leaves were giving me a reaction that seemed to be triggering off many of my other responses as my body was constantly being inflamed through washing in the shower, washing my hands, drinking etc every day.

Finally — a treatment that worked!

Enter Kinesiology.

Because of the remarkable muscle testing results I had experienced with my Chiro, I wanted to find out more and discovered that Kinesiology offered remarkable treatment for many issues, but in particular, balancing and reducing the stress of allergies and intollerances.

After approximately 3 balances I was able to eat many of the foods again that I had been intolerant to and the eczema on my hands cleared up.

I have also found that my gut function has become well functioning or normal again after kinesiology balances I have had for other issues. My body just seems to be working through them all and making me…

…a better functioning human.

This makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy? My friends commenting on how well I look (and how much younger I look!)

Yay me!

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