Balancing eye makeup and allergies using kinesiology

While we’re on the topic of allergies, I thought I’d share this little story.

I really don’t mean for these posts to be all about ME, but given that I was such a hot mess before I came to Kinesiology, I seem to have quite a bit of material to work with. 🙂

I really love to wear eye makeup. I’m not sure why. It could just be a latent desire to be a drag queen (I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of it one day) but I love to wear eyeliner and mascara. I don’t like anything else. Foundation sucks and I’m not keen on lipstick, but get this… I haven’t been able to wear it for 15 years!

I might put it on for a special occasion, but otherwise the itchy eyes and tired, watery feeling just wasn’t worth the hassle.

Through Kinesiology and a little investigation into my unconscious mind, it turned out I believed that eye makeup would make me look more beautiful (I could understand that) BUT I didn’t believe that I was deserving of being beautiful (oh boy, this old chestnut).

So let’s get this straight. I’ll itemise them so we don’t get lost:

1. ME: I believed that wearing eye makeup would make me look beautiful.

2. My unconscious mind (the inner me that seems to be making all my decisions): Didn’t believe that I SHOULD or DESERVED to be beautiful.

3. ME: My body REJECTED eye makeup with a variety of responses including red itchy eyes, tired eyes and watery eyes based on my subconscious need for me NOT TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL.

4. The conscious, rational me said: “Oh dear. I’m allergic to makeup. I won’t wear that anymore.” (For 15 years!!!!!)

5. My subconscious said: “Good. You don’t deserve to be beautiful. No make-up for you!”

6. ME: 🙁

Needless to say, I had no idea this was going on. I wasn’t AWARE of my unconscious belief about myself. 

Once I worked this out, it was actually quite a quick and simple process to fix it. One Kinesiology balance later and I was wearing eye makeup — EVERY DAY! No itchy eyes. No watering eyes. No tired eyes. Just beautiful eyes and a beautiful me!

Our bodies can respond in strange and creative ways to the most regular and normal of things based very much on what we believe – and for much of the time, we don’t even know these beliefs exist. They’re programmed into our subconscious very early on in life.

My belief of not deserving to be beautiful set in at around age 7.

And I worked it out at age 42. Yay me!

Does this sound like you?

What weird and wonderful ways is your body pointing you to subconscious beliefs that are stopping you from feeling beautiful or enjoying your life? Book an appointment and let’s work it out together. 🙂