A few months ago I got a phone call from a lovely lady who was in a pickle.

A very big pickle.

She had just taken on a new job and had to fly interstate for training. However this lovely lady, let’s call her Jane, was terrified of flying.

Jane had been in a plane that crash landed earlier in her life and (as you can probably imagine) she’d avoided air travel since then.

So, I got a call from Jane. She was flying out the following day and, in sheer desperation, she called me for an appointment as she didn’t know what else to do. She was very sceptical that Kinesiology could help her, but like so many of my clients, it’s often their last resort.

Jane’s fear of flying was absolute. The idea of packing a suitcase was enough to send her into panic. Let alone driving to the airport, going through security, and heaven forbid she had to get onto an actual plane.

But there was no other choice – in this case, she had to fly.

So we had one Kinesiology balance that focused on all of the actions Jane needed to take to get herself on the plane, fly through the air, get out of the airport at her destination – and be in a suitable state to attend training.

The day after the balance I got a text from Jane.

“Landing was good even through 30 knot winds and rain storm! No panic. I’m a believer!”

Best text ever.

Kaylee x

P.S. Kinesiology can help balance and soothe all kinds of fears and phobias, from flying to food, snakes to spiders, heights, noise, dogs, the dark, and everything in between. If you or someone you know has a fear or phobia, book in for a session so we can support you.