One of the unexpected benefits of Kinesiology balances for me was the balancing of my hormones and, as a result, the reduction of PMS symptoms and period pain.

While this might not be a topic you discuss much between friends, I feel like I need to share this info for all of the women out there who suffer period pain and turn into mood monsters.

I had laparoscopy surgery around 10 years ago and afterwards I experienced increased period pain. I went from not really knowing I had my period to intense and constant pain that made it difficult some months to work.

My husband used to tell me that he could pick when my period was due a week out, based on the barometer of my moods. I used to catch myself getting super grumpy with everyone, including myself.

Even worse, I used to find myself in the shower or the car – anywhere I was by myself – having terribly negative conversations with myself. Putting myself down with negative self talk. I was my own worst enemy.

I thought it was just my lot.

But not any more 🙂 

Through Kinesiology, my PMS vanished, my period pain reduced significantly and the length and heaviness of my periods reduced too. Every month it gets better and better.

Maybe one day a burst of glitter will come out and I’ll make my own self dispensing tampons – but until then, I’ll happily take the good moods and less pain. 🙂

Kaylee x

P.S. If someone you know suffers from period pain or PMS, point them in the direction of this post or book them a session at Flourish. You never know, Kinesiology might help them too.

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