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2020 Training Dates

Weekend Training Dates

Sat 9am-6pm + Sun 9am-6pm

Touch For Health
TFH 1 June 26-28 $475
TFH 2 July 24-26 $475
TFH 3 August 21-23 $475
TFH 4 September 26-27 $475

TFH Assessment Weekend date TBC $475

NLK Level 1 – Level 3
Level 1 – October 17-18 $475
Level 2 – November 7-8 $475
Level 3 – November 21-22 & December 12-13 $950

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Please note, dates are subject to change. Please confirm dates with Flourish Kinesiology.

NLK TRAINING 2018Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology Training

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Course Details:

Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology is derived from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion.

NLK is designed to achieve improvement in a wide range of stress and health related problems. It also develops excellence in learning and performance skills.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) uses language as a therapy and NLK has adapted Meta Model and Milton Model language patterns successfully into its approach. NLK also incorporates some of the most innovative developments in Kinesiology related to testing the primitive and postural reflexes which have long been recognised by paediatricians and occupational therapists as crucial in the development of good learning behaviours.

NLK offers dynamic mental fitness exercises which can be easily and effectively used in the classroom. NLK is designed to achieve improvement in a wide range of stress and health related problems. It also develops excellence in learning and performance skills.

Weekends 9am-6pm

Flourish Kinesiology
Level 1, 43 The Parade

Total Cost for NLK 1-3
$1900 including NLK Manual, Workbook and Certificates.

Total Cost for Touch For Health
$2375 including Manual, Workbook and Certificates.

Total Cost for NLK 4-6
$2375 including Manual, Workbook and Certificates.

Course Overview NLK 1-3:

Please find a brief overview of what will be covered in each of the four weekends.

NLK 1 – Links to Learning and Performance

Prerequisite: None

  • Physiology and Neurology of the Brain
  • Split Brain Model
  • Triune Brain Model
  • VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) Learning System
  • Brain Integration Exercises
  • Testing Hemispheric Function
  • Repatterning Technique
  • Visualistion

NLK 2 – Links to Communication

Prerequisite: NLK 1

  • Aspects of Neurological Function
  • Meta Model Language
  • Past Emotional Stress Release
  • Digital Determinators
  • Affirmations
  • Diet, Food and Supplements
  • Goal Balancing

NLK 3 – Links to Personal Development

Prerequisite: NLK 2

  • Learning Strategies
  • Emotional Sabotages
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Phobia Balancing
  • Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Overgrowths
  • Miasms
  • Bodywork
  • Six Step Reframing

Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology (NLK) is fully accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association, the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists and the International Kinesiology College.

Touch For Health 1 (TFH 1)

You learn that the muscles of the body can be used as biofeedback tools to assess & balance the Chinese Meridian System. You will learn 14 basic indicator muscles, associated meridians & organs and their balancing techniques. Spinal reflexes, Neuro Lymphatic & Neuro Vascular Reflexes. You will learn energy balancing techniques to alleviate pain, improve posture and release emotional stress. Learn whether foods are strengthening or weakening your bodys energy.

Touch For Health 2 (TFH 2)

You will add to your skills and learn: Chinese Law of Five Elements, Yin/Yang concept. Meridian Massage, acute pain relief techniques, balancing the body clock for jetlag & shiftwork.
You will upgrade your muscle testing skills by learning a further 14 indicator muscles & their relationship to organ & meridian function & new balancing options.

Touch For Health 3 (TFH 3)

This workshop will integrate your skills. You will learn how to combine your muscle testing skills with the energetic Law of the Five Elements of Chinese Acupuncture. 14 new indicator muscles & reactive muscles, gait testing, chronic pain relief, balancing for past trauma to improve posture & facilitate cellular healing. Learn how to detect & correct over- & under-energies in the meridian system.

Touch For Health 4 (TFH 4)

This workshop will help you to refine your muscle testing techniques by learning to balance for specific goals. You will learn posture analysis, Tibetan energy, emotional stress release for past, present & future events. There are further 14 indicator muscle tests to learn. Balance with colour, sound & touch. By the end of this level you will know 42 indicator muscle tests to assess meridian & organ function and how to conduct a full meridian balance with a specific goal.