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The Flight Fight Primitive Reflex

The first in a series about the Primitive and Postural Reflex’s The Moro Reflex The Moro Reflex begins to function 9-12 weeks after conception and is normally fully developed at birth. It is the baby’s alarm reflex. Newborns are incapable of rational thought as their Neo-Cortex (the pink squiggly part of your brain) hasn’t fully...

by September 11, 2017October 12, 2020

Anxiety on Toast

The morning was pretty much like any other morning… …the usual getting ready for school bizzo but we were tracking along nicely and everyone was getting their act together. But there were a couple of significant differences about this morning. Small, but significant enough that it turned our morning a bit crap.   It was...

by January 21, 2017September 9, 2020