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The Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex

If a newborn’s head is turned to one side, the arm and leg on the side to which the head is turned, straighten, while the opposite arm and leg pull in. It should be fully present at birth and appears to assist the baby’s active participation in the birthing process. So this means that the...

by September 29, 2017September 9, 2020

The Flight Fight Primitive Reflex

The first in a series about the Primitive and Postural Reflex’s The Moro Reflex The Moro Reflex begins to function 9-12 weeks after conception and is normally fully developed at birth. It is the baby’s alarm reflex. Newborns are incapable of rational thought as their Neo-Cortex (the pink squiggly part of your brain) hasn’t fully...

by September 11, 2017October 12, 2020