Housework is a pain

Judith is a stay-at-home mum of 4 school busy kids. She had been struggling with chronic pain in the left forearm for over 4 months, and was seeking chiropractic treatment on a weekly basis but did not see long-lasting results. Not only did it NOT get better, her right forearm started to develop the same symptoms. The pain got so bad that she could hardly lift the pan to cook. Housework and daily chores became a REAL pain. [Pun intended]

As she was impressed with the improvements in her son’s behaviour after the first kinesiology session we had, she decided to seek treatment for her pain. During the session, we uncovered that the pain in her forearm was related to the conflicting emotions of “extending her hands out to help” and “the fear of being hurt”. Judith explained that this was related to a family member, and that it was difficult to cut ties although this person had repeatedly hurt her. Essentially, her subconscious was in this limbo of extension and retraction, which led to the tightness of her forearms, that caused the pain to persisted despite regular treatment. Judith felt instant relief emotionally and physically after the healing session. However a couple of days later, her pain came back with a vengeance, and her hands felt numb. Judith reported her experience to which I assured her that it was a form of healing crisis. She was advised to stretch, rest and continue with the positive affirmation practice. The healing crisis lasted a couple of days and after, her pain was reduced by 85%. During her second session 3 weeks later, she reported that she could resume her housework and daily chores without any pain. However, there was still some lingering pain occasionally at night. We did some further healing and balance during the second session, which completely eliminated the pain within days.

It was a great result to be pain-free, but what was even more important for Judith was the reconciliation of her emotional turmoil. We got to the root cause of the pain and removed the blocked emotion. Balance was restored which then reinstated her body’s natural ability to heal. Judith further supported herself with daily positive affirmations, which helped changed her beliefs and perspectives. She is now empowered to overcome the contention with the family member, without guilt or fear, but yeah… housework is still a pain [again… pun intended].