Ditch the diet. Change the way you THINK about food

I didn’t think I had put on that much weight. But when my 7 year old asked me why my tummy was bigger than my boobs, I realised that I needed to fix my body.

I’d stopped playing sport but I thought I was eating healthy food. However I seemed to be mysteriously moving up a bra cup size every year or so. So when I got to an E cup (eeek!) and many of the clothes that were in my wardrobe just couldn’t get over my hips or E cup boobs anymore, I decided it was time to do something about it.


But diets don’t work for me . . .

Well actually, they do work for me. I lose weight, strut around in a new pair of jeans for around 3 or 4 months and then have to get my fat clothes out again and feel rotten about myself for the next 5 years.

I noticed the change immediately. After the Kinesiology balance I was completely OK about feeling hungry. It made me realise that I had spent most of my life ensuring that I never felt hungry as my brain kept telling me — If you get hungry you are going to die!!!! Did you hear me? DIE!!!! Make sure you have snacks wherever you go.

After a few days my husband pointed out that I wasn“t eating anywhere near as much food AND I was choosing smaller plates or bowls at dinner time for myself and serving much smaller meals. So even though I had been making fairly healthy choices, I was eating too much of them.



I could leave food on my plate! I have never been able to do that. But now I can and I feel like I am the master of my own domain!

Much of this was happening without me even realising it. It was like a switch went on somewhere inside my brain.


So where am I now?

I have lost around 15 kilos in 5 months. I’m not completely sure about total kilos as I don“t have scales, but I track how I am going with my clothes. I have lost 2 dress sizes and I managed to get into my first milestone pants a month ago. And I’m looking forward to sliding into a pair of the cutest black capri pants my sister handed on to me that I have never been able to fit into.

But I think my greatest success is that I am no longer a slave to food or the feeling of hunger. That I can now call the shots of what and when I eat — for my highest good. Not the little voice in my head telling me that if I don’t eat that cinnamon donut (or 5) I’m going to feel hungry and THEN I’m going to DIE. DIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!! (Get the picture?)


But my greatest achievement from all of this is that I now feel like me again.

My hormones are not flip flopping around, my boobs aren’t taking over neighbouring countries, I feel GREAT about myself and I don’t need to buy a new wardrobe.

Yay me!